Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez


This week I visited the Werby Gallery and spoke with Artist Lourdes Martinez, a photography major.  She showcased one piece out of the show called “Figment”.  Very simple, her art piece consisted of glass, a woode base, and what appeared to be paper.

Lourdes gained inspiration for her piece from a picture of earth from space.  Fascinated by how a scientist from NASA first had the idea to send cameras into space, she wanted to translate her feelings into an art piece.  She wanted to show how little and insignificant our lives are in the grand scheme of things. Lourdes found a picture of earth taken in 1990, printed it, and glued it to a transparency.

I thought her piece was very interesting because every single person that was alive on the day the picture was taken is included! Living in such a busy world, we often find ourselves being rather selfish–concerned with only our personal lives.  We spend all our time worrying about personal problems, working toward our personal goals.  Lourdes’s piece reminds us that in the grand scheme of things, our lives are little.


We 15 – Classmate Conversation -Aiyat Abdelhady &Huy Le

For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Aiyat Abdelhady and Huy Le.

Aiyat Abdelhady is 20 years old.  She is currently a Child Development major although she is considering changing it.  Aiyat has two part time jobs: Bobaloca and The Marketplace.  She loves to spend time with her two dogs, work out, hike, and see her boyfriend.   Regarding this week’s topic, Aiyat says tattoos impacted/affected her.  She said “I have two tattoos and want more of course, but I feel like it’s a way of people expressing themselves.  They show their own creativity or form of art that they like through their tattoos”.

I also spoke with Huy Le, a pre-computer science major student.  She is 19 years old and Vietnamese.  When I asked her what past experience has changed her opinion of art, she said it was an art class from middle school. She said “..back then I thought art is just drawing and painting.. But that class told me art is anything that could help you express yourself..”

By talking with two classmates, it was very interesting to see how different people are affected by different things.