Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


This week I visited the Gatov West Gallery.  I was immediately drawn to a series of paintings by Christopher Linquata.  He told us he used to live in Greece, and that he’s even painted murals at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas! Christopher loves to travel, and tries to capture the moments by sketching on the spot.  When sketching isn’t possible, he takes photos to refresh his memory in the near future.  The location of the paintings in the sunken city, which also happens to be the inspiration behind this particular series of paintings.  Each painting was his representation of various Greek mythology.  He told us many of the characters in his paintings are actually his family and friends.

I really enjoyed this gallery.  I loved the details in the paintings, and how the characters are interacting with each other.  Finding out the meaning and inspirations behind the pieces from the artist himself was very interesting.  I particularly thought it was very cool of Christopher to always try to sketch while traveling! He tries to capture special moments and feelings in his works.


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