Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


This week I visted the Maxine Merlino Gallery and viewed “So Many Me’s”.  I was really intrigued by all the small ceramic figures and wanted to find out more. I spoke with artist Kathy Yon (Instagram: kathy.c.yoon) , a Senior at CSULB.  Studying to get her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Ceramics, I was surprised to hear she was initially a math major.  Kathy realized her true passion was in ceramics and decided to change career paths.  Although she’s not exactly sure what her future goals are, she hopes to one day create characters for movies.

Simple in color, Kathy Yoon used porcelin clay, white rose clay paper, underglaze, and yarn for her pieces which took about 2-3 weeks each.  She said she’s inspired by Tim Burton, which is clearly reflected in her art style.  Initially Kathy tried various forms of ceramics (i.e. animals), but soon realized they weren’t the best ways to express her ideas and feelings.  She said she wanted the figures to portray darkness and sadness.  Kathy hopes viewers can connect with her pieces and her on a more personal level by sharing her feelings and experiences through her artwork.  She wants people to be able to relate to the portrayed emotions and maybe help them cope with hardships like making them helped her.  Kathy Yoon said working on this show was a way she was able to relieve stress.

I really enjoyed Kathy’s gallery because I personally like minimalistic, simple artworks.  Her ceramic pieces were simple, but each portrayed different feelings of sadness.  They were very similar to Tim Burton’s artstyle, which I’ve always loved.  Walking throughout the gallery, I was really able to relate to te feelings Kathy was trying to reflect.


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