Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit


This week I visited the Werby Gallery. When I walked in the room was rather dark, with minimalistic metal pieces of various sizes. The lighting in the room was manipulated by the artist to create fascinating shadows on the walls. Upon closer observation, I saw that each piece were actually very complex–they even moved!

Intrigued by the artworks, I spoke with the artist Matthew Dumpit.  As a Fine Arts major at CSULB, Matthew Dumpit specializes in metals. He told me that his interest in movement and emotion inspired him to create the pieces for this show.  When I asked what his future goals are, he said he hopes to work in creative design after graduation.  Dumpit also hopes to do various gallery shows in Los Angeles and Seattle.

I really liked Matthew Dumpit’s show because I thought it was very different how he used lighting to enhance the outcome of his pieces.  The movement of the pieces, as well as the reflection off of them created an almost mesmerizing effect.

For more information, you can contact Matthew Dumpit at: md2151@gmail.com


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