Wk 10 – Activity – Location Based Gaming 

For this week’s activity, we tried Geocache. Geocaching is essentially a real-world, treasure hunt, in which you find hidden trinkets using an app.  Once found, you write your name in the log book.  The only important rule to remember is: do not take the trinket box with you!

When I downloaded the app, I was very surprised to find one so close to my house.  It took me some time to get used to the app but found the trinket box hidden under some thick plants.  It contained a log book with 3 names, and a few small items.  I then made my own, with the Altoids box from the supplies bucket purchased earlier in the semester.  I put in small trinkets and the log.

This week’s activity was personally really fun, because I felt like I was on a real treasure hunt.  I had no idea something like geocaching existed until this week.  It just shows how our technology is being used for such creative, outdoor-recreational ways!


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