Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

shell shell1

This week I visited the Gatov-West Gallery.  As soon as I walked in, I saw a variety of sculptures made with an even wider variety of materials.  Intrigued by his different art style, I spoke with artist Maccabee Shelley to find out more about him and his artworks. After spending some time with him, I learned that Shelley actually did not start art until college. An art class during his first semester of college sparked his interest and fueled his newfound passion. Shelley has almost ten years of experience in ceramics alone, and has had other artworks shown in three other galleries a CSULB.

The inspiration for this collection was an extension from his previous project, one he started after a study-abroad session in Italy.  Maccabee Shelly’s collection consisted of several sculptures.  They were made with different combinations of materials such as ceramics, glass, plaster, and various randomly acquired objects.  He finds pieces for his artworks at places like thrift shops, recycling centers, etc.  I saw books, briefcases, and even a caution cone incorporated into his sculptures!

Shelley’s collection really caught my attention because of his wide variety of objects, textures, and colors.  It was very different from other shows I’ve viewed in the past.  He told us that although he has no “ultimate goal”, his current purpose for creating such pieces is to experience watching people see and react to them.  Shelley wants to share his artworks to audiences, and try to connect with them as they view and interact with his collection.


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