Wk 8 – Activity – Art Writing and Editing

For this week’s activity, I visited Stefany Rodriguez’s blog and read her interview with artist Nora Ayala. Stefany’s blog entry was short and concise, which I liked. She mentions various information about the artist such as her age, her year and program at CSULB, and the materials she used for her pieces.  Although Stefany included relevant information, I felt as though there was no personal reflection.  She did not write about what she liked or disliked, and what she personally thought of the artworks.  I also felt as if she was just regurgitating phrases the artist has said, mainly because her interpretation and understandings were not given.  There were also technical mistakes such as punctuation (no commas where needed), run-on sentences, and clarity issues.  With that being said, I really liked how Stefany started her blog post with a direct quote from the artist.  I though that was really different and clever. Overall, I enjoyed Stefany’s interview with Nora Ayala. She provided relevant information about the artist-her artworks, her views on art, various social networking sites, etc. My only advice for Stefany would be to proofread her entries to eliminate grammatical errors, as well as adding her personal opinions!
I also read and critiqued one of my past blog entries, an artist interview with Jane Weible. One thing I would want to change and keep in mind for future blog entries is personal insight.  Although I did mention what I felt as I viewed her pieces, I think I could have expanded more, and gotten into more detail of my interpretations and the artist’s intentions.  In this particular entry I did not find grammatical errors such as spelling, run-on sentences, punctuation, etc.  However,  I will make sure to look our for such mistakes in future blog posts!


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