Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stepanians

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This week, I visited the Dutzi-Gallery and viewed the exhibit: “Viewpoint”.  I spoke with the artists Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stepanians.  They were showcasing incredible oil paintings of various seasons and sceneries. Although abstract, viewers can definitely see the beauty of nature created by bold colors and dark shadows.  The artists informed me that these pieces each took an average of 1-3 weeks to complete.  They also told us something I found very interesting: they often layered several colors, and scratched different parts of the artwork to reveal the underlying paint.

I really enjoyed this exhibit because each painting reminded me of different places and seasons. For example the Winter painting made me feel as though I can actually feel the icy wind and the crunching of snow beneath my feet.  The artists did a wonderful job in using colors of various depths to create sceneries that viewers can really relate to and feel the inspirations.


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