Wk 6 – Activity – Identity Art


For this week’s activity, I spent a total of 120 minutes on Periscope. I spent 60 min. watching various people, and 60 min. scoping myself. 

While watching live broadcasts, I tried to stay on for at least 10 minutes. I watched people do their makeup, cook, travel, and just communicating with the watchers. I made sure to watch Bree Olson because her visit last week was very intriguing. 

During my periscopes, I did 6 10-min. broadcasts. I did some while I was getting ready, when I was eating, and hanging out with my boyfriend. It was nerve-wrecking to know few people (worldwide) was watching me do these things. There was awhile when I got no viewers, which made it even cooler to see hearts and viewers come. 

It was a very interesting experience to use periscope because I don’t even use snapchat. I was nervous to have myself be broadcast live with no filters, both visually and verbally. Trying it myself made me appreciate the others a lot more because it takes a lot of courage to be able to do this on a regular basis. 


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