Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon


This week I visited Max L. Gatov Gallery East and saw a collection of paintings called “Pairs”.  These artworks were done in pairs of artists.  I spoke with Sery Kwon after this painting caught my eye. Sery Kwon collaborated with Coleton Palmer on this abstract piece.  Using oil paint on a wooden door, the two artists utilized bright colors and bold lines to express the theme of “time”.  Upon studying the piece more carefully, I saw faces and bodies within the abstract.  Sery Kwon worked more on abstract painting, while Coleton Palmer went back and drew in figures that he saw.  The painting kept my eyes busy, fascinated by all the colors, lines, and hidden figures.

It was very interesting to see two very different artists come together to create a piece of art that accentuates each one’s strengths. I also thought their use of a wooden door rather than a typical canvas was very interesting. The use of such different colors and figures almost seemed to reflect on their sense of “time”- trying to figure the next step in life, making decisions, and living through consequences.


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