Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Kayla Workman


For my first Artist Conversation assignment, I visited the Marilyn Werby Gallery.  There I spoke with artist Kayla Workman, who was involved in an art show called “Cross-cultural and Community-based Practices in Art”.  A Los Angeles based artist, Kayla Workman is currently an Art Education major at CSULB. The art show held at the Werby Gallery featured artworks from collaborations between students and community organizations: Arts and Services for the Disabled, Acacia Adult Day Services, and NCADD—Woman to Woman.  The piece that grabbed by attention was a project called “Polaroid Film Series no. 1”, created in 2015 by two art education students and NCADD – Woman to Woman.  This project features Polaroid photos of individuals living inside a recovery home – meant to be a way to reflect the dreams, desires, and wishes of the inspiring women had in hopes for a full and brighter future. Having personally witnessed the detrimental effects of Alzheimer’s, Kayla Workman worked to concentrate on the idea of identity.

The simple presentation of the project allowed me to really focus on the photos.  The Polaroid series was able to capture their day-to-day activities and give a true sense of who these people are.  Workman did a wonderful job creating an outlet that creates a personal connection between the subjects and the audience.

For more information of Kayla Workman:

Email: KRWorkman@gmail.com

Website: http://kaylaraecreates.weebly.com/


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