Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Tyler Nakashima


Meet Tyler Nakashima, a classmate I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this week.

Tyler is 19 years old and a sophomore attending CSULB.  He is Japanese and Filipino and currently works at a sushi restaurant.  As a  Health Science Major, Tyler says he chose to go this route because he believes it would be the best balance between something that is personally useful and interesting for him, while also being professionally viable.

We had a very interesting conversation about what we thought of Art 110, and what we believe “art” is.  When asked “what is art?” Tyler answered:

I feel that art is the act of expressing the thoughts or emotions to another in abstract ways. Although despite the meaning the artist may have tried to put into their art the audience may absorb whatever message they take from it, making art a personal experience for every individual.

Tyler says he really enjoys and appreciates the teaching style of Art 110.  Although we’ve only completed two activities so far, he feels as though he’s been able to really learn about the arts.  The two past activities, although they may seem like fun and games to more traditional professors, have very clear artistic purposes.  Tyler believes that the art creation process can definitely be fun and that having fun does not devalue the outcome in any way.

Being one of the very few super-seniors in class, it was great meeting and talking with a fellow classmate!

Visit Tyler’s website: http://Tylernakashima.com


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