Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez


This week I visited the Werby Gallery and spoke with Artist Lourdes Martinez, a photography major.  She showcased one piece out of the show called “Figment”.  Very simple, her art piece consisted of glass, a woode base, and what appeared to be paper.

Lourdes gained inspiration for her piece from a picture of earth from space.  Fascinated by how a scientist from NASA first had the idea to send cameras into space, she wanted to translate her feelings into an art piece.  She wanted to show how little and insignificant our lives are in the grand scheme of things. Lourdes found a picture of earth taken in 1990, printed it, and glued it to a transparency.

I thought her piece was very interesting because every single person that was alive on the day the picture was taken is included! Living in such a busy world, we often find ourselves being rather selfish–concerned with only our personal lives.  We spend all our time worrying about personal problems, working toward our personal goals.  Lourdes’s piece reminds us that in the grand scheme of things, our lives are little.


We 15 – Classmate Conversation -Aiyat Abdelhady &Huy Le

For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Aiyat Abdelhady and Huy Le.

Aiyat Abdelhady is 20 years old.  She is currently a Child Development major although she is considering changing it.  Aiyat has two part time jobs: Bobaloca and The Marketplace.  She loves to spend time with her two dogs, work out, hike, and see her boyfriend.   Regarding this week’s topic, Aiyat says tattoos impacted/affected her.  She said “I have two tattoos and want more of course, but I feel like it’s a way of people expressing themselves.  They show their own creativity or form of art that they like through their tattoos”.

I also spoke with Huy Le, a pre-computer science major student.  She is 19 years old and Vietnamese.  When I asked her what past experience has changed her opinion of art, she said it was an art class from middle school. She said “..back then I thought art is just drawing and painting.. But that class told me art is anything that could help you express yourself..”

By talking with two classmates, it was very interesting to see how different people are affected by different things.

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar


This week I visited the Dutzi Gallery and viewed Shahrzad Ahrar’s collection.  This gallery was different from the others, to me personally, because her pieces stirred emotions.

There was a wall with four graphic-like art pieces.  I was really surprised to find out these pieces were inspired by four different immigrant individuals the artist actually interviewed. Shahrzad Ahrar asked each person thirty questions, including why they immigrated to America from their home country. Using their responses, the artist created the pieces.  She tried to reflect their emotions, as well as her understanding of them.  It was very cool to hear their recorded voices while we viewed the different pieces.  One of the four included images of soldiers, various maps of countries, rockets, and fires.

I personally really enjoyed this gallery because I was able to clearly see and feel the inspirations behind the artist’s artworks.  I felt as if I had spoken with the four different individuals, and was able to get a glimpse of their hardships and life experiences.

Wk 12 – Activity – E-Portfolio


For this week’s activity, I spent some time to think about how I wanted to develop my e-portfolio.  As a Fashion Merchandising major graduating in one month, it was natural for me to focus on fashion.

I decided to change my theme to one that features a header image.  I chose a photo that clearly shows what my blog will be about in terms of content. For people in fashion, having a blog is definitely an advantage.  This was a great opportunity for me to explore various themes and images to find one that best fit my needs.

My content will feature various news about the fashion industry–my fashion projects, upcoming trends, and news regarding designers, retailers, manufacturers, etc. I want my e-portfolio to be easy to read and navigate, with many large vibrant photos. This activity will be a great chance for me to familiarize myself with blogging, and hopefully will make me into a stronger, more confident professional!

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


This week I visited the Gatov West Gallery.  I was immediately drawn to a series of paintings by Christopher Linquata.  He told us he used to live in Greece, and that he’s even painted murals at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas! Christopher loves to travel, and tries to capture the moments by sketching on the spot.  When sketching isn’t possible, he takes photos to refresh his memory in the near future.  The location of the paintings in the sunken city, which also happens to be the inspiration behind this particular series of paintings.  Each painting was his representation of various Greek mythology.  He told us many of the characters in his paintings are actually his family and friends.

I really enjoyed this gallery.  I loved the details in the paintings, and how the characters are interacting with each other.  Finding out the meaning and inspirations behind the pieces from the artist himself was very interesting.  I particularly thought it was very cool of Christopher to always try to sketch while traveling! He tries to capture special moments and feelings in his works.

WK 12 – Extra Credit – Top 3 Bottom 3


Now that this semester is coming to an end, I will take this opportunity to talk about my top and bottom 3 activities.


  1. My favorite activity so far has been “Painting”.  I’ve never used spray paint before and it was a fun opportunity to try it.  I made several name pieces, and even let my younger siblings try it!
  2. I also really enjoyed the Plaster Casting activity.  I used this activity to visit the beach and get some sun.  The castings turned out cool; the sand created a unique texture.
  3. My third favorite activity was Fiber Art.  I used this chance to create a large piece to hang on my bedroom wall.  This activity was an inexpensive (although time consuming) way to decorate indoors.


  1. I personally did not like the Periscope activity. Although I didn’t mind watching other people’s live broadcasts, I felt uncomfortable doing them myself. I did not feel comfortable having to show my face to strangers and communicate with them.
  2. I also did not enjoy the Social Photography activity.  It was a bit of a hassle to create a new Instagram just for the activity.
  3. Lastly, I did not enjoy the Ephemeral Art activity. Maybe because it’s I don’t use Snapchat, but it was more complicated and time consuming than I expected.  I did, however, enjoy using my cat to draw around!

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


This week I visted the Maxine Merlino Gallery and viewed “So Many Me’s”.  I was really intrigued by all the small ceramic figures and wanted to find out more. I spoke with artist Kathy Yon (Instagram: kathy.c.yoon) , a Senior at CSULB.  Studying to get her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Ceramics, I was surprised to hear she was initially a math major.  Kathy realized her true passion was in ceramics and decided to change career paths.  Although she’s not exactly sure what her future goals are, she hopes to one day create characters for movies.

Simple in color, Kathy Yoon used porcelin clay, white rose clay paper, underglaze, and yarn for her pieces which took about 2-3 weeks each.  She said she’s inspired by Tim Burton, which is clearly reflected in her art style.  Initially Kathy tried various forms of ceramics (i.e. animals), but soon realized they weren’t the best ways to express her ideas and feelings.  She said she wanted the figures to portray darkness and sadness.  Kathy hopes viewers can connect with her pieces and her on a more personal level by sharing her feelings and experiences through her artwork.  She wants people to be able to relate to the portrayed emotions and maybe help them cope with hardships like making them helped her.  Kathy Yoon said working on this show was a way she was able to relieve stress.

I really enjoyed Kathy’s gallery because I personally like minimalistic, simple artworks.  Her ceramic pieces were simple, but each portrayed different feelings of sadness.  They were very similar to Tim Burton’s artstyle, which I’ve always loved.  Walking throughout the gallery, I was really able to relate to te feelings Kathy was trying to reflect.

Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art 

IMG_4602   IMG_4604IMG_4605

For this week’s activity, we had to create a Wall Hanging. I used wooden chopsticks, different colored yarn, scissors, and dried flowers.  I wanted to create a large statement piece for my bedroom wall, so I made it about a yard in width. I cut yarn pieces, also about a yard in length, and tied one end around the chopsticks I taped together. After all the yarn pieces were tied, I attached dried flowers throughout and “French-braided” them like I would with hair.

I was surprised to find out how time consuming Fiber Art actually is. It took several hours in total, mainly because the cutting and individual tying around the sticks took a lot longer than I expected. I was relieved and surprisingly satisfied to have finished my wall hanging. This activity has definitely made me appreciate the artists that specialize in Fiber Art!

Wk 10 – Activity – Location Based Gaming 

For this week’s activity, we tried Geocache. Geocaching is essentially a real-world, treasure hunt, in which you find hidden trinkets using an app.  Once found, you write your name in the log book.  The only important rule to remember is: do not take the trinket box with you!

When I downloaded the app, I was very surprised to find one so close to my house.  It took me some time to get used to the app but found the trinket box hidden under some thick plants.  It contained a log book with 3 names, and a few small items.  I then made my own, with the Altoids box from the supplies bucket purchased earlier in the semester.  I put in small trinkets and the log.

This week’s activity was personally really fun, because I felt like I was on a real treasure hunt.  I had no idea something like geocaching existed until this week.  It just shows how our technology is being used for such creative, outdoor-recreational ways!